It was soon time for us to leave the party and make our way back to the casino car park and for me to do what I drove over 750 miles to do: To drive my car on this most hallowed F1 track. We made it back to the car park after the usual wrong turns and ‘discussions’ (ahem) on the best route back and after spending some time taking in the scene at the Casino itself.

Talk about Supercar heaven!

We saw some of the rarest and most expensive cars casually being manoeuvred by the casino valets. I’m pretty certain I spotted a Ferrari 599 GTO and Pagani Hyuara to name just two. I could have spent the entire night there. I somehow managed to tear myself away from the fabulous casino scene, got to my car, set the go-pro and then proceeded out of the car park.

My car at the most famous corner in all Motorsport, The Loews hairpin, now ludicrously named ‘The Grand Hotel hairpin’

I emerged onto the track at turn 4, Casino Square, went through turn 5, Mirabeau Haute and onto the most famous corner in Motorsport, turn 6, the Loews hairpin, now known as the ‘Grand Hotel hairpin’ then onto turn 7, a right-hander, Mirabeau Bas, then another right-hander, turn 8, Portier and then into the famous tunnel. At the end of this tunnel we could no longer follow the track because of the street party we attended earlier. I could not drive the entire track because of traffic restrictions and the sheer volume of traffic (this is a genuine street track) but the little bit I drove was enough for me to begin to imagine just what it would be like to race on this historic track….

As I got to the Loews hairpin (I refuse to call it by its new name), I had to stop and take a picture of my car on this track..God knows if I’ll ever get the chance again…

As we made our way back to the villa, our route took us through a few tunnels where a few Ferrari’s and  Mercedes AMG’s were lurking and you know what came next…wind the windows down, put the car into manual, sport mode, pull the left hand paddle twice and hear the sound of the motorsport engine  at 9,000 rpm in the back bounce off the tunnel walls and mix with the sounds of several Ferrari and AMG V8’s…

The most famous building in Monaco, The Grand Casino.

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I just like doing stuff. Preferably on wheels.

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30 thoughts on “To The Monaco Grand Prix

  1. This is just a master piece of a write up, Akin your narrative and descriptive mind about the Monaco Grand Prix 2018 trip is great.At this point I can now say this blog needs more promotion.I am now your number 1 reader.

    1. No you aren’t; I am! And yes, we will promote the blog some more! Great narrative style Akinso! The next best thing to actually being there for me!

  2. Great Writeup and very enjoyable read.
    Just added this trip to my bucket list, solely based on your narrative. The sites and photography also looked amazing too.
    Couldn’t help read some of your other blogs ??

  3. It was a trip to remember, for a newbie to the group thinking about the dynamic the guys took to me like a fish to water, from the drives to the sight seeing to the walk on the tracks to the race itself, then the banter in the Villa was off the chart.
    Akin kudos on being lead driver going and coming, despite the attempts by others attempts to entice you to race them, you stuck to your original task.
    until the next trip…stay safe.

  4. I am definitely committed to making this trip with Hubby next year by the grace of God. Your description of the trip and pictures from one of your group members who happens to be my childhood friend has definitely gotten me hooked.I refuse to allow Leke Have too much bragging right over me on this formula 1 matter. Well done sir for a good write up. Cheers

  5. Lovely write up as usual, seems the road trip down itself was uneventful, shame about the weather in that part of France always seems to play up. Glad you had a lovely trip.

  6. Another super write up and pics, I missed an awesome road trip. I agree with you sentiments about the race too.

  7. Akin, that was a great piece. You reminded me every bit of the historic and fun filled trip with amazing lads.
    There couldn’t have been any other lead driver. You exhibited a great deal of experience by making sure all drivers are safe.
    Also nice blog. Count me in ‘LIFE MEMBER’ of your wonderful blog.

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