There was a lot to see and do at the event and there were quite a few innovative entrepreneurs displaying their wares and products. There was the shoe designer who made shoes using some unique African textiles, the fruit drinks maker, who served fruit cocktails in the body of a hollowed-out pineapple and there was the Knightsbridge Jeweller, Yoko, with a four-strong staff (at least) supporting the event.


I also met one or two of the Polo players and they are a special breed indeed. Polo is played in over 80 countries around the word and is considered to be a high-risk sport. Horseback riding (or equestrian) includes eventing (an Olympic sport) and Polo amongst others and is considered to be one of the most dangerous sports in the world…it usually features in many top 10 ‘most dangerous sports’ lists. Rather them than me.

There would be an African team, made up of some of the finest Polo players from that continent versus  a ‘Rest Of the World’ team comprising of some internationally renowned polo players.

The African team.

Neku Atawodi-Edun – Nigeria. 

Pierre Ngoumou – Cameroon.

Francis Ugboma – Nigeria. A friend of a friend learned most of what I know about polo in one conversation with him.

Rob Hampson – South Africa. 

The ‘Rest of the World’ team.

Howard Davies – UK. 

Max Stacey – UK. Horse trainer.

Freddie Ventura – UK. A member of the general committee of the Ham Polo club.

Oscar Mancini – Argentina. A professional polo player. Handicap of 4 goals outside and 6 goals in the arena.

We watched the polo match which was seemingly played with the same vigour and competitiveness (to these novice eyes) with which they played their regular polo matches. I paid attention to a polo match fro the first time ever and I’m glad I did. The grace, skill, athleticism and sheer power of man and horse was something to behold.

Match over, it was on to the awards ceremony where awards were presented for the player and team of the match, the ‘best dressed female’ and the ‘best dressed male’



The Party.

As the day wore on, the mood grew lighter and lighter in tune with the excellent live performances and one of the best DJ’s I have seen in a while, Michael Pusey MBE aka CK Flash. He was fantastic. He mingled with the crowd and gee’d them up with party track after party track. He was ably assisted by the event host, comedian Eddie Kadi.

The party had started. Several times I said my ‘goodbyes’ only to turn back to the party after hearing another slamming tune. Very few people left, so good was the vibe and party spirit. It took the club cutting the power before the party came to an end!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and almost forgot that I was there in an official capacity. I can only congratulate Lux Afrique for a sterling first effort.

Will I be going back next year? Hell yeah!


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