The Hertz 100th Anniversary Edition Corvette Z06. Specification.

Engine: 6.2 Liter Supercharged V8
Power: 650 bhp
Torque: 650 lb.-ft of torque
Transmission: 8-speed paddle shift automatic transmission
0-60: 2.95 seconds
Quarter mile: 10.95 Seconds @127 mph
Top speed: 196 mph

Hits: 354

I just like doing stuff. Preferably on wheels.

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15 thoughts on “The Big Sur by Corvette

  1. Nicely narrated and well written.

    Couldn’t stop laughing at the typical Yank overkill; “Speed Limits enforced by aircraft”! Looool.

    The line that really got me though was; “I could leave the car in 3rd gear for the many corners and switchbacks…” Only a true petrol-head will understand that one. I literally was in the car.

    Nice one!

    1. Thanks Bro. I could just do that, it had so much torque everywhere, and, unlike the GT3, you do not have to rev it or constantly change gears to find speed.

  2. “America is still in love with the V8, thank goodness for that.”

    This made me chuckle! Unlike our penny pinching, tree hugging, emissions obsessed eurocrats here.

    And good on them too!

  3. Akin you are a wordsmith. I was on that ride with you, the quickening pulse, the sweaty palm and the silly grin. Thank you

  4. I think this is the best of all your articles that I have read. The narrative made it very easy to read, and kept it interesting.

    I could not stop laughing at “this car needed a totally different driving technique to the almighty Porsche. Brake in a straight line, ‘square’ the corner off as much as possible and then bludgeon the following straight with its prodigious power”. Like you had to make a significant correction to your driving! That must have been tricky?

    The other impressive thing was the car breaking traction at up to 4th gear?!!?! Impressive. Very impressive.

    1. Thanks, Tobi:) yes, I had to change my usual driving technique to get the most out of the car. It has a totally different philosophy to what I’m used to driving so I had to adjust to suit. It would not have been a fair assessment if I had used an unsuitable driving style.

  5. That was quite a read and sounded like an awesome experience, I can’t believe a road can be patrolled by aircrafts incredible. Lovely car Moreso having seen one in flesh, the pictures don’t do the car justice despite the awesome pics you took. A true beast to bebold visually. Thanks for sharing your experience😊👍🏾

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