Waiting for the unveiling of the beast


Jeeeeez!!!! **!!!£$%^&*&%$£!!!!!!!!**£$rewth!!!


Sorry for the colorful language. Not really my fault if I’m honest. You see, I’ve been driving  a contemporary 911 (991.1)  GT3 for the first time, hence all the expletives.

Here are the technical highlights of this ‘fanbl**dytastic’ car.

A new (at the time)  direct injection 3.8-litre flat six pumping out 475bhp at 8250rpm, and redlined at a screaming 9000rpm! Porsche figures are usually conservative so it is safe to say this is a near- 500bhp car.

0-60 is a storming 3.5sec and its top speed is just below the magic 200, at 196mph. Again this 3.5 second figure is conservative. Many independent tests have proved that the car is actually faster than this. This is supercar stuff.

A bona fide Supercar

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I just like doing stuff. Preferably on wheels.

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19 thoughts on “P9 AKN – The First Drive

  1. Ok, Akin so I am not happy with this review, you have succeeded in making me a driver of a brand new 991 Mk2 cabriolet feel like I am driving a Mondeo ? All I can say is ‘I was a teeny weeny bit envious when I saw the first pictures of this car, now I am full blown jealous!’

  2. I am green with envy. I would love to hear what that engine sounds like at 9000 rpm. Porsche keeps finding ways to keep you. Congratulations on your new ride when I grow up who knows!

  3. I feel you bro, love your ride man mi. Surprised you rate it better than an e30 m3 considering how incredible that car was. Also must confess I’m shocked it weighs just 235 kilos more than the e30 m3 and packed with near 500hp, that’s incredible and serious engineering feat there. Now I want one even more, cause the e30 m3 is what I compare any car to in terms of performance and lightness, so to be so close in weight and with that much tech and performance is shocking. Love it

  4. Brilliant write up and review what a beauty, congrats once again and many years of safe driving. Now your a 911 legend 7th one waoooooh, Top Gun lol. Now the dream begins for moi.

  5. Seriously
    This is exactly how to review a car
    Now all we have to do is send this review to The Grand Tour GT and apply for a job

    Enjoy the car and keep it O sound investment

  6. If the truth be told, I’M JEALOUS..lol but yes i am.. it looks monstrously deadly … taking no prisoners.. all its made for is the black tar and a stiff foot on its pedals….Happy Driving or should it be safe driving?

  7. Seems to be an amazing drive from all the reviews. Absolutely no criticism in sight, and i agree nothing comes close to its performance at the same price! Make sure you schedule a trip to the Nürburgring with some spare tyres! 😀

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