Lanzarote 2018


A Search for Tier Points. I had 160 reasons for flying 8 hours 26 minutes in total (nearly 3,400 miles), to and from Arrecife, Lanzarote. I had to collect 160 BA Tier points in order to maintain my particular Executive Club membership and the flights to and from Lanzarote in a

The 2018 L’Etape Du Tour

The 2018 L'Etape Du Tour, stage 10 of the 105th edition of the Tour De France started in Annecy and ended nearly 170 kilometers away in Grand-Bornand. The 'race' started on the shores of the gobsmackingly beautiful lake Annecy and winded its way over some of the most beautiful and

The 2018 L’Etape Du Tour – A Preview

The Event. The 2018 L'Etape Du Tour. The 2018 L'Etape Du Tour, the 10th stage of the 105th edition of the Tour de France will be ours (15,000 amateurs and enthusiasts) to ride on the 8th of July. It seemed like yesterday that I was struggling to get to the top of

Mallorca 2018

Over the winter we hatched a plan for a cycling training camp to better prepare for some of the cyclo-sportive events we have entered this year. Our experiences in last year's Etape Du Tour made this an imperative. We chose Mallorca as the location for our training camp. This choice

The 2018 Cape Town Cycle Tour

The Cape Town Cycle Tour, an event whose recent history has been dogged by controversy, natural phenomena and plain bad luck. This year was no different as there had been a severe drought in the weeks and months  leading up to the event in Cape Town which at one point

The Year Ahead

Hi folks, Happy new year. Lets look at some of the events and activities we have lined up for this year. It promises to be a most interesting year with at least one major cycling, motoring, Formula 1 and motorcycling event each month. We will be adding the dates of each

The 2017 L’Etape Du Tour – Part 2

Where was I? Ahhh I was fighting to get to the top of the first mountain, the Category 1 climb, the Col De Vars (See previous article).  This monster comes after 130km in the legs and you sure feel it. The heat and the sheer effort used to get to this point

The 2017 L’Etape Du Tour – Part 1

I've been struggling for days now to properly articulate my thoughts, emotions and impressions of my recent 'beyond epic' cycling adventure. I have just returned from France where my 'buddies' and I took part in the recent L'Etape Du Tour. The L'Etape is the one of the toughest cycle-sportive events

Who Sent Us?

Who sent me? Who sent us? Or in Nigerian slang it'd be: "Who send me?" No one asked me (along with quite a few friends) to spend good money on flights, accommodation, bike servicing and equipment just to suffer climbing some mountains in France. We have friends travelling from Nigeria, the US, Switzerland

A Good Day On The Bike

There are some days on the bike when you curse the fact that you are not a few kilos lighter and a good deal fitter. There are also days you curse the weather, the ride organisers for making the course so tough, your bike and equipment. There are days you

Rwanda Tour – Come Ride with Nathan

A recent account of a cycling trip to Rwanda with Nathan Byukusenge, Team Rwanda. Words by Garrick 'The Potential' Bassey. The idea of a Rwandan camp was suggested by IB aka the people's Elder. He had been to Rwanda before and loved it for its proximity to Nigeria, its good infrastructure, amazing

Conquering Mt Teide

Mount Teide is a volcano in Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, Spain. Its 3,718m summit is the highest point in Spain and the highest point above sea level in the Islands of the Atlantic. While you cannot actually reach those heights by car or bike, you can cycle past