We got there a bit late so did not spend to much time admiring and photographing the various Porsches on display at Prescott Hill before we started the drive to the Porsche Clubhouse nearby. The roads here were stunning to drive and offered magnificent views of the countryside. This experience was enhanced by the presence of so many stunning Porsches, Caterhams and all manner of super sports cars and bikes. I found ‘Petrol-head’ heaven just 100 miles away from West London.

Porsche Clubhouse

“Porsche Club Great Britain (aka PCGB) was founded by a small group of like-minded enthusiasts in the early 1960s to enjoy and celebrate the Porsche 356 which, race cars apart, was the only Porsche production model at that time.
With the launch of the 911, membership levels climbed steadily throughout the ’60s and ’70s. In the early ’80s, the hub of Club activity was the then General Secretary Roy Gilham’s home at Raisin’s Hill in Pinner. However, with membership increasing exponentially during the boom period of that decade, it was eventually necessary to acquire office accommodation and a small team of administrative staff to manage the growth and continue to function effectively. Thus the decision to move to Gloucestershire was made and Ayton House in Northleach was purchased. At the same time, the Club’s first computer was installed which, contrary to some member’s assertions, was retired from powering the Club’s business some long time ago.”

We parked up at the clubhouse and got to mingle with other Porsche enthusiasts. We met one whose Porsche 356 was built in 1963 and had been lovingly restored. His car was older than many people present! We heard the entire story of the car without having to do much prompting. One thing that struck me was just how friendly everyone was. You can literally strike up a conversation with just about anyone. ‘Nice car’ is all you have to say to start a conversation with anyone. There was just about every major model that Porsche has ever produced represented at this meet. From the aforementioned 356 to more modern cars such as the wild 911 GT2 RS, The legendary ‘Widowmaker’ and everything in-between.

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