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Beaulieu’s Simply Porsche – A Pictorial

Porsche Heaven.

One of the conditions for parking within the grounds of the museum itself was that you must arrive in a Porsche, any Porsche, and we being members of the official Porsche Club GB, were allowed to park in the club’s area right in the heart of the activities.

From this convenient spot, we could see Porsches of every age, shape and hue in every direction as far as the eye could see. As we had arrived at 9:00AM when the gates opened, we had time to watch Porsches arrive for a long time afterwards from a vantage point near the entrance to the car parks on the far side.

Notable Porsches on this page:

A 911 (993) Carrera RS, a 911 (993) GT2!!!!, a 911 (964) Turbo, a 911 (993) Turbo, two 911 (991.1) GT3’s and a 911 (997.2) GT3.

Continued on page 3.

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