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Coffee Morning at JZM Porsche

I particularly loved this red 964 Turbo 3.6 even though I did not love its price of £170,000! The 964 series 911 have appreciated immensely and the Turbo versions have become nearly become unattainable in a few short years. I know when these cars were offered for sale at £30,000!

964 Turbo 3.6

The 964 series Porsche 911 probably now has the largest following and has now attained cult status. Some 964 aficionados actually sniff haughtily at any Porsche model that was made before or since the ‘964’ was introduced in the early 90’s.

964 Turbo 3.6

Then there were the exotics parked outside such as this incredible Ferrari 458 Speciale, which, along with the F40, are two of my all-time favourite Ferrari’s.

Ferrari 458 Speciale

And this lovely Mclaren 570S

Mclaren 570S

Such events are proving to be quite popular among enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. From the families enjoying the cars (and cakes) on display on a lazy Sunday morning while taking selfies sitting in some of them to the hard-core enthusiasts who could name  all the model numbers of the engines in every car present (jeeeez!!), and everything in between. There was something for everyone.

There are more pictures in the gallery below. Enjoy!

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