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Breakfast with Porsche Club GB


One of the many benefits of visiting the Porsche club house is Rennsport which is just across the road. They were also holding an open day and everyone trooped across to gawp at the Classic Porsches in various stages of restoration, from part rusted body shells to fully restored cars. The classic 911 market is going through a boom period right now and this is fueling the rise in the classic 911 restoration market and the prices of properly restored cars. Rennsport specialise in building iconoc Porsche’s to bespoke specifications and the finished products are truly astonishing. The quality of the workmanship is second to none. 

My only concern is that it seems a high percentage of these classic 911’s are not restored to original spec and that for me is a crying shame. Ahh well, I guess tailoring the car to ones’s specification is part of the appeal.

It was a very, very good day out for this Porsche fan and here are some pictures for you to enjoy. Thanks.




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